Mini Golf with a Bar-Junkyard Golf Club

Last weekend me and my house mates headed into Central, to play mini golf as a late birthday treat for Emily. We had been wanting to go to the Junkyard Golf Club for the longest time, so Emilys birthday was the perfect opportunity. The Junkyard Golf Club is a 9 hole crazy golf course that allows you to get drunk while you play. They have a variety of courses to choose from, in locations all around the UK from Leeds to Liverpool to Oxford. We went for Bruce which is a movie inspired course, with a twist and actually turns out to be exclusive to only the London branch.

Once we arrived and had our wristbands to access the course, we headed straight to the bar to get ourselves a drink. We went for the Slush Putties as they sounded and looked amazing. Me and Demi went for the mango and passion fruit one, while Emily and Matt had the raspberry flavoured. They came in a vintage pink and white striped cup, topped with sweets and drink umbrellas. So instagrammable! They were honestly sooo good and for £7.50 you can’t go wrong, I would definitely recommend!

Once we had our drinks we headed to the course to get our putts, balls and score sheet ready to start the game. It had been a while since I had played crazy golf, so I honestly didn’t know if I was gonna surprise myself and be really good or be really terrible. As we chose the movie mash up course, each hole was inspired by a different movie from Jaws to Star Wars. I loved the punny names they used for each course and I think my personal faves had to be either Jabba the Putt or Planet of the Vapes. Well done to the person who came up with the names. As well as the names being great, the whole aesthetic of each hole was amazing! It made the whole experience a lot more fun. I was always excited to head to the hole to see what they had to offer.

In terms of complexity, some holes were a lot more harder to navigate and complete than others, which made it all the fun trying to put your putt in the craziest of angles to get the ball in. However, I managed to nearly get a hole in one on one of the courses, if only my ball didn’t fly off the course the first time. There is a maximum cap of 8 goes per hole and every round has a set par which you have to achieve. I was pleased to say I managed to either hit this or beat it a numerous amount of times.

Although, it was a hole lot of fun and it felt as if the course was over faster than you could get the ball in, unfortunately I didn’t win. However, I was very close and I came 3rd in the end with a 1 point difference between 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. So all in all a great game of crazy golf.

If you want to have a balling good time, then I would certainly recommend heading to the Junkyard Golf Club. It was such a fun night and I will be heading back very soon, to check out the other courses. They also have 50% off for students on selected nights, so definitely check this deal out.

Have you ever been to the Junkyard Golf Club?

Thanks for reading!

Mia X



7 thoughts on “Mini Golf with a Bar-Junkyard Golf Club

  1. This looks so cool! I went to Swingers for my boyfriend’s birthday last year but this looks like such a good idea for this year’s birthday! (Let’s hope he doesn’t secretly hate mini golf). I love the punny names and the course decor – I think it makes waiting around for your turn that much more interesting. xx

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