My Experience of a Long Distance Relationship: 1 Year on

As some of you may or may not know me and my boyfriend Ben, who I have talked about quite a few times on my blog, have been doing long distance for just over a year now. I made the decision last year to move from my home in the North East to London for University. This meant we had to go from living only 7 miles (10 minutes) away from each other to 300 miles (5 hours) away from each other.

When I first moved to London me and Ben had been together for a year and a half which made things a lot of easier, as we weren’t in the early stages of our relationship and were willing to sacrifice living so far away to make our relationship work. We both went into this challenge in our relationship knowing that the time we would spend with each other was less then we were use to, but also valuable and precious. Especially as Ben works full time and I am full time at Uni, while also working part-time, for extra money. This means we go 6 weeks at a time without seeing one another. Although this sounds like such a long time, and oh boy can it be, the time always seems to fly be until we see each other again and we are forever counting down the days until we see each other! I guess the phrase time flies when you are having fun is certainly true.

I thought I would give some Pros and Cons and helpful tips on what it’s really like being in a Long Distance Relationship.


The time you spend together is so valuable, that it makes you appreciate the little things more, as well as appreciate it one another. This also means you get the chance to do things together. Sometimes when you see someone all the time, it can be expensive to go out every weekend, so it’s easier to just stay in all day which is still fun. However, when you don’t see each other very often, you get the chance to make up for lost time, which means plenty of meals out, trips to the cinema, days out, etc.

It definitely makes your relationship stronger if you can get through it. I would say doing Long Distance is such a big test and either makes or breaks a relationship, so to come out the other end still together shows how strong you are as a couple.

You know that it’s gonna be worth it when it’s over. Me and Ben are already planning our future together and are hoping to be in a position to move in together once I graduate.


Obviously the obvious and biggest con is not seeing each other very often, which obviously sucks especially if you are use to seeing them 3/4 times a week or even everyday. However it’s a sacrifice you have to be willing to make.

It’s not always easy, every relationship has it’s ups and down and I think as doing Long Distance is such a challenge, sometimes you can get frustrated with one another.

You miss each other like crazy!!

Helpful Tips

One of the biggest things I think that I would definitely say is not to give up on your partner or get frustrated if they decide to move away. We all have to do things for ourselves and I think the worst thing you can do is end the relationship because you think it can’t work. How do you not know it won’t work if you never try?

Another helpful tip would be to organise a time once a week to have a catch up, whether that is over facetime, skype or over the phone. It’s so hard when both of your lives are so busy and you have so much going on, to let the other person know how your day has been or what you have been up to. So having these weekly catch ups is a great way to fill your partner in on everything that has happened that week.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

Mia X



2 thoughts on “My Experience of a Long Distance Relationship: 1 Year on

  1. I believe there are two types of people – those who can handle long distance and those who cannot. Thankfully I have never had to find out which type I am but I can imagine how hard I might find it so good on both of you for making it work. I think having an end goal is a good idea – a time when you both will be united again, such as moving in together. Also being together for a long time helps because it means you know it is worth your time and you know the sort of person they are. Thank you for sharing. xx

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