Follow Me Around: A Day in London

This post is such an exciting one as it’s my first ever collab post! Of course it’s with the gorgeous Chloe over at! I have loved Chloe’s blog posts ever since the day I first discovered her blog, she is so lovely, always supporting my blog and her photography skills and writing style makes her posts so engaging and relatable. We decided to do a follow me around, my post being a day out in Central with Ben and Chloe’s being a drunk Halloween night out with another amazing blogger Phoebe.

Me and Ben started the rainy, cold, wintery day with a Starbucks, with it being the 1st of November they had released this years Christmas drinks. I was super excited to try them and check out their Christmas cups, can you tell I am so ready for Christmas antics? I went for the Salted Caramel Brownie Hot Chocolate, oh my it was divine you need to try this limited edition drink while you can and Ben went for his usual a Caramel Macchiato. These drinks were definitely needed as, as soon as we walked out of Starbucks it began to chuck it down.

We decided to head to Chelsea for the day, as we had both never been and the inner Made In Chelsea lover in me was dying to visit. We spent around an hour exploring the streets and shops, but due to the unpredictable weather we decided to think of something to do indoors near by. I will certainly be back to Chelsea soon when the weather is nicer, I am dying to visit the Blue Bird Cafe.

We headed to South Kensington, which was only a tube stop away, to go to the Natural History Museum as Ben had never been before. It’s such a great museum, which shows everything from rocks, dinosaurs and our existence. It’s also free entry, so a must see when visiting London. They also have their yearly ice rink available now, so we got to witness people skating around on the rink (and falling over). As it had been raining the rink was very wet and they had to get everyone off at one point to dry it up, so we didn’t think it would be the best idea to go on. Maybe next time!

Can we just talk about how cute the outside of this little cafe is, so autumnal!

After a few hours of exploring the museum, we decided to head back home as we began to get hungry and it was 5pm by this point. We made our famous pizza wraps, which were soooo good as always!

I hope you enjoyed this style post, something different to my usual content. Make sure to check out Chloe’s post here, I am sure you will love her blog just as much as I do!

Thanks for reading!

Mia X



7 thoughts on “Follow Me Around: A Day in London

  1. The Starbucks Christmas cups are always so cute! I love the designs every year. My sister and I went to the Bluebird Cafe for her 18th Birthday a few years ago – it was absolutely beautiful but we definitely felt underdressed in our jeans. The food is expensive too but it is Chelsea so we did expect that. I woud recommend trying their cocktails if you can. xx


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