4 Netflix Shows You Need to Watch

I love watching Netflix shows, whether that be in the background while I am getting ready, to pass the time or to have a chill day. Whenever I find a show that I really love, I tend to get super invested and watch it all in one. I thought I would share some Netflix shows that I feel aren’t really talked about, but are so worth the watch.


ATypical is a fairly new series for me, I only started watching it last month and boy was I invested. I ended up watching the whole 2 seasons in around a week, I didn’t want it to end. This meant I put off watching the last episode for a whole day. I don’t know if I am gonna be able to wait a whole 6 months until season 3. It’s about an 18 year old boy who suffers from autism and how this affects his everyday life. From dating girls to shopping on his own without his mams help for the first time, as he tries to gain his own independence. Honestly guys, you will love this series and if you haven’t already watched then you need to.


Can we just talk about how much I am in love with Tommy for a second? If you haven’t watched Power, then you will be thinking who the hell is Tommy but oh my, he is my favourite character in Power and I am sure you will feel the same if you have watched it. Power is about a wealthy businessman called James St Patrick (Ghost) who owns a nightclub in New York, yet leads a secret life owning a drug cartel alongside his best friend Tommy. There is currently 5 series, which I watched over the Summer, with the episodes being 1 hour long. Another TV series I got hooked on straight away and ended up binge watching.

Good Girls

2 sisters and their best friend get sick of living a normal life looking after their kids and having no cash, so decide to stop playing by the rules. They risk everything in order to rob a bank, to earn some cash, but it doesn’t go as planned so the girls must face the consequences. There is currently only 10 episodes and I am not sure if they will bring out another series or make anymore, but I hope they do.


A reboot of the 1980s TV show, the Carringtons are one of the wealthiest families in the US who own a Global Economy company called Carrington Atlantic. It follows the lives of the Carrington family, as they feud with the Colbys over their fortune. Their is a twist and turn in every episode, from relationships, love, deaths and drama. The Carringtons have their fair share of troubles and tests. Series 2 just started last week, so why not binge watch series 1 ready for the new episodes. It is so worth the watch!!

Have you watched any of these TV Series? Is there any series on Netflix you feel are under appreciated?

Thanks for reading!

Mia X



13 thoughts on “4 Netflix Shows You Need to Watch

  1. I saw the trailer for Good Girls but did not feel the need to watch it so I am glad to hear it is better than the trailer made it look. I love Dynasty – I did not realise Season 2 had started coming out already so I am going to watch it later now! xx


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