A Night Away at Camp Katur

For Bens birthday I decided to book us a night away, glamping style of course. I searched numerous sites nearby that provided glamping getaways and as soon as I came across Camp Katur, I knew it would be the perfect place to celebrate his birthday. In a ideal location in the middle of the countryside and only a 45 minute car journey from home, I couldn’t resist. I booked us the Romeo and Juliet Hobbit Pod after much deliberation, and I don’t think I could have picked a more romantic and cute home for the night.

The hobbit pod came with a spacious double bed, equipped with a duvet, 2 pillows and 3 blankets, perfect for when it gets colder on a night. A handful of decorative pieces such a fairy lights, candles, lanterns and tea lights, which were essential as we had no lights or electricity. Dominos and Playing Cards to keep you entertained for the night. As well as a gas heater, fire pit and BBQ pod. It was everything we could have hoped for and more.

On site they have communal toilets and showers which were the ideal location for us, as it was just next door from our pod. You could tell that they are well maintained, as they were so clean. A communal kitchen with all the essentials you may need, if you decided to stay in and cook for the night. A communal seating area decorated with the cutest paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling, wooden tipis for the kids to sit in and mess around in and a toy area, with all sorts of toys to keep your little ones entertained. They also had a fairy garden, which was such a cute touch and a wishing machine that lights up when you place your hand on it, to allow you to make your wish. Of course me and Ben being the big kids we are made our wishes.

We spent our night playing dominos, black jack, 21 and go fish, while sat around the camp fire drinking bubbly and vodka lemonades. We purchased the logs for the campfire on site for only £6.50 for a bag full of logs, which lasted us the whole night. They also sell fire lighters and any other essentials and provide you with a box of matches to help you to get the fire started. It was a whole lot of fun, even though we may have smelt of smoke the next day.

I decided to purchase us a Breakfast Hamper for in the morning when I did my booking, which was only £20. The staff were so helpful and ensured that it was gluten free for Ben. It included a whole tray of gluten free sausages, 8 rashers of bacon, 4 eggs, 4 tomatoes, a bag of mushrooms, 2 cans of beans, a whole loaf of gluten free bread, 2 orange juices, a cartoon of milk, tea bags, coffee sachets and mini butters. It was amazing how much we got, certainly more than enough and we weren’t able to eat it all. I would totally recommend if you decided to stay for more than 1 night, to purchase this hamper as it would last you at least 2 mornings worth of breakfast. I was so impressed with this hamper!

We had the best nights stay in our little hobbit pod, despite the lack of light, electricity and how cold it was (the heater in our pod was amazing in warming us up for the night). But, that’s all the fun of glamping and we are already planning on visiting again sometime soon, but this time staying in a different accommodation on site, as well as booking the onsite activities. I would 100% recommend Camp Katur if you are looking for a camping break with the benefits of luxury.

Have you ever been Glamping?

Thanks for reading!

Mia X



12 thoughts on “A Night Away at Camp Katur

  1. I have never been Glamping before but I have been Camping before with the Girl Guides. The hut is absolutely adorable and I love the idea that you are in the wilderness, aware from the busy life of the City. I think I would before Glamping to Camping as I hate sleeping in a sleeping bag as it is so uncomfortable! Happy Belated Birthday to Ben! xx

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