A Cake For Any Occasion Which Fits Through Your Letterbox with Bakerdays

Everyone loves a good slice of cake and a birthday never goes a miss without copious amounts of it. So when Bakerdays* offered to send me one of their letterbox cakes of my choosing, I jumped at the chance. It was Bens 20th birthday on the 17th, so I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to get him a cake for the occasion.

A cake that fits through the letterbox is honestly one of the best ideas ever, especially as I am always out when a parcel seems to arrive, so being greeted with a red slip is no fun. This is one reason I knew this would be the best cake to choose out of their size options. As you may or may not know Ben is coeliac, so the fact they offer gluten free cakes was a massive yes from me. It’s so hard to find gluten free cakes, except in some supermarkets, yet they are double the price than other cakes and ridiculously small. With limited choice I couldn’t wait to design Ben the perfect cake for his birthday. He is a massive F1 and Car fan, so I obviously had to incorporate this into the cake.  I chose the red F1 car cake from their birthday section. I asked the lovely team to add “Happy 20th Birthday Ben” on the front which made it more personal to him. They also asked me if I would like any other design modifications and if so to let them know. I liked this as it made the experience more personal, however I decided not to change anything about the design.

The cake came packaged in a brown box inside the cutest tin that says “Just For You” on the front, which is such a nice touch. The tin will be so good to keep to put your essentials in or to keep on your worktop to put treats inside. I haven’t tried the cake and sadly wont get the chance, but Ben said it was so good and he loved it!

Thank you so much Bakerdays for sending me such an amazing personalised cake, Ben loved it. I am sure I will be purchasing cakes from them in the future as they have so many great cakes for any occasion.

Disclaimer: This cake was sent to me in exchange for a review, however all opinions are my own.

Have you tried a cake from Bakerdays?

Thanks for reading!

Mia X



6 thoughts on “A Cake For Any Occasion Which Fits Through Your Letterbox with Bakerdays

  1. This is such a great idea! I’ve heard of Bakerdays but yet to try out their products. I’m planning on getting one of their Darth Vader Christmas designs for December. 🙂

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