Bowes Museum- Catwalk Fashion Exhibition

Bowes Museum currently has a Catwalking: Fashion through the lens of Chris Moore exhibition until January 2019. It houses the legendary outfits of the likes of Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood, that have been displayed on the catwalk over the years. As well, as the photos of famous fashion photographer Chris Moore. It tells the story in a celebration of the fashion houses. A few years back I went to their Yves Saint Laurent exhibition, which was great, so I knew this would be no exception.

Chris Moore has been photographing catwalks since the 1960s and his photos show the evolution of fashion, from black and white to digital. We get a glimpse of front row celebrities and super models, backstage chaos before the show begins and outstanding fashion being displayed down the catwalk. The exhibition houses all of this in a tribute to his hard work and dedication, which led to his successful career within the fashion industry.

It was great to see so many different styles from Tailored Suits, Evening Dresses to the most extravagant outfits. One of my favourites actually being the bubble dress, which I thought was just so quirky and different. I wouldn’t ever wear it to go out in, however, but it looked great on the catwalk from the images.

One of the most famous supermodels Naomi Campbell’s outfit, which she wore for Vivienne Westwood in the 90s was displayed in the exhibition. She looked absolutely stunning in this suit and it was so surreal getting to see this outfit in person. It accentuated her curves perfectly and I can see why as it looks so tight fitting. Chris Moore managed to capture her wearing it so effortlessly, it’s a great picture.

If you live in the area or nearby I would definitely recommend visiting this exhibition while you get the chance. It was amazing seeing the original outfits housed on the catwalk and getting a glimpse into the work of Chris Moore. Whether you love fashion or are not so interested in fashion, you will enjoy this exhibition.

Bowes Museum also currently has a BFG exhibition, which is lots of fun for the kids. It includes a trial around the gardens of the museum to answer the questions all about the movie, colouring activities and the chance to see the evolution of the BFG. The ticket prices for entry into the museum are great and are only £14 for adults, £6 for students and £5 for under 18s, which lasts for the whole year.

Have you been to this exhibition?

Thanks for reading!

Mia X



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