Rome Travel Diaries- Day 4

As this was our final day in Rome before we headed home the next day, we decided to do a bus tour of the city. This meant we could see parts of the city we never got a chance to see. We wanted to make the most of the day and especially after having a great nights sleep, we woke up early and got ready before breakfast arrived, so we could head straight out after we had eaten. We had our usual breakfast at 9am and then headed to our nearest tourist attraction shop, which was less than 30 seconds away, to purchase our bus tour tickets. It was only 20 euros each for a day ticket, which allowed us to ride the bus until 8pm and get on and off whenever we pleased.

We headed to the bus stop, which was only a few minutes down the road and jumped straight on the bus. We decided to do the whole tour first without getting off, so we could see everything. This took around 1 hour all together. We saw so many places we never got the chance to see, so we were both so glad we did the tour. This gave us a chance to decide where we wanted to get off.

We decided to get off at the stop which was just outside of Sephora, as this was my first ever time visiting one and I had to go inside. I was so excited to get in and have a look around. I purchased quite a few new products, leaving the store with my purse lighter and Ben also treated me for birthday, which is next week. There will be a haul post coming very soon of everything I bought it.

We then headed to Piazza del Popolo, which was only a 10 minute walk away. It is a massive square, that leads to many streets filled with designer shops and has a massive monument in the middle. It has a building on one side that when you climb up the top, has the most amazing views over the square and city.

We then did so more exploring, walking down cobbled streets and taking in the views of this beautiful city. By this point we started getting hungry so searched for a place to eat nearby. It took us ages to find somewhere that was gluten free, so in the end we had to resort to google for the best gluten free restaurants. There was a resturant that came up that had great reviews and was just next to the Trevi Fountain called Pizza in Trevi, so we headed there as it was around a 15 minute walk away. Of course Ben got us lost on the way due to his terrible sense of directions, so it took us a lot longer but we got there in the end. The food was amazing and the staff were so friendly, Ben said it was his favourite restaurant of the whole trip and was one of the best lasagnes he had ever had.

We then headed for some Gelato, as with it being our last day it was our last chance to get some, for this reason we went all out. I got a massive cone with pineapple and raspberry gelato for 6 euros and Ben got a large tub with mint chocolate chip. It tasted so good and after just eating a pizza and the size of the ice cream, I could only eat around half before I was so full.

After indulging in gelato, we fell into a food coma, so headed to the nearest bus stop to head back on the bus. We decided to get off near this Jewish church which we went past on the tour as we wanted to have a look inside and explore the area. There is over 100 steps to the church, so we had to climb them all to reach it and me being the clumsy person I am fell up them and cut my hand. I am pretty sure Ben caught the moment on camera, so once we get the video edited you will more than likely see my embarrassing fall and me moaning at Ben to turn off the camera.

The church was amazing inside, the ceilings and paintings were so detailed, it must have took them years to build this wonderful church. Just opposite the church was some ruins which were similar to the Colosseum, so we decided to have a look to see what it was. It turned out to be an old theatre, which unfortunately must be pretty distressed inside as it was blocked so nobody could get in.

By this point it was nearly 5pm, so we decided to walk to the nearest train station so we could head back to the hotel. It was a half an hour walk away which we didn’t mind as it meant we could explore some more on the way. We ended up passing Capitoline Hill, which we saw while on the bus tour and knew we wanted to get the chance to see. The building was amazing and there was so many tourists near by taking pictures.

We finally arrived back at the hotel and got ready for our last night in Rome. We decided to head to the Castle and St Peters square, as we wanted to see it one last time before we left but this time all lit up. It was incredible seeing these buildings at night and it made me realise that this city is just as pretty at night as it is during the day, maybe even prettier. We then headed to the river for a few drinks, which ended up being a late one as we both weren’t ready to leave. Before heading to the hotel to get some sleep before our flight.

Thankfully, our flight wasn’t until 12:30 on the Friday, which gave us time in the morning to get our things sorted and tidy the room.

I am so sad that this is the last post in my travel diaries, however I had the most amazing time in Rome with Ben and hopefully we will visit again in the future. Stay tuned for our vlog from our time in Rome which should be coming very soon, as well as my Sephora haul.

Thanks for reading!

Mia X



12 thoughts on “Rome Travel Diaries- Day 4

  1. I always passed that building on the way home each day whilst I was in Rome and never knew what it was so thank you for clarifying! It looks like you had an amazing time and I look forward to the vlog and haul. xx

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