Rome Travel Diaries- Day 2

We woke up at 8am, after the best nights sleep in a long time on the comfiest and biggest bed ever. It was bliss! We asked for our breakfast at 9am every day so that we had all day to explore. So after we woke up, we got ourselves semi ready before breakfast arrived. I had croissants smothered in nutella, with a hot chocolate and Ben had gluten free toast with nutella, fruit, a gluten free cake and a coffee. Once we had ate we finished getting ready and headed out for the day.

This was one of the most exciting days as we were heading to the Colosseum, which we later found out is one of the 7 wonders of the worlds. I can officially say I have ticked one of the 7 wonders off of my bucket list! We decided to get the train to the Colosseum and use our Roma passes, so we headed to Spagna station which was our nearest train station, just next to the Spanish Steps. From their we had to head to Termini to change lines to get to Colosseo, which was where the Colosseum was situated.

As soon as we stepped out of the train station we were greeted by the walls of the Colosseum and it was such an amazing sight. I couldn’t wait to get inside. We had to wait in a queue to get inside, but this only took a couple of minutes as we used our Roma Passes to get us in for free. We had our bags searched and had to walk through a metal detector before we were allowed to enter, in case we were smuggling anything suspicious. This didn’t take long either and we were through in a matter of seconds.

We walked around the bottom floor, taking in the grand scale of the Colosseum and imagining the battles that took place in this very building. We took so many photos and ended up getting caught in the middle of many tours. We then headed up to the next level, which was so much higher than I thought. It was amazing to see the views from both the outside and inside.

After we had been in the Colosseum, we went to the town for our lunch. We stopped at a little restaurant which had outdoor seating, so we could still enjoy the weather and also served gluten free food. I opted for Meatballs and Ben went for a Margarita pizza. Unfortunately, I took no photos of the food as we were both so hungry and tucked in straight away. After we had eaten we headed over to the Roman Forum, which was just opposite the Colosseum. It is a huge forum surrounded by ruins, buildings and artefacts. We used our Roma Passes to gain free entry in here as well. We spent over an hour in the forum exploring and we only managed to see half of the things, you could definitely spend the whole day in here. The views from some of the buildings were insane and we were able to see over the whole of the city. It was breathtaking!

Bens parents had been to Rome the week before we went, and they had told us that they had found a pyramid and recommended us to check it out. We decided to head there, as it was only a few train stops from the Colosseum. We got of at the stop Pirimade which was were it was situated and as soon as we walked out of the station, we were met with the pyramid. It was so big and really hard to get a photo in front of as it was right next to a busy main road with non stop traffic. However, we managed to get one from the side, however it doesn’t capture the scale of how big it really was. There was nothing much else near the pyramid as it was on the outskirts of the city, so we headed back to the train station. As we entered the station some Italian man saw us head towards a train and gestured to use that we were going to the wrong train, so us being naive British tourists listened to him and ended up getting on a train which was heading even further out of the city and panicked. We ended up having to get off at the next stop and try and search for another train which took us the right way.

We arrived back at the Colosseum and decided to have a walk around before heading back to the hotel. We ended up going on a massive walk, seeing lots of sights we hadn’t seen before and headed down many cobbled side streets which led us near the Trevi fountain. We knew we were only a short walk from our hotel by this point, so decided to head back to get ready for the night.

We headed down by the river again for more drinks and a few snacks. This was the night England played Colombia, so of course we had to watch the match. It was very intense in the bar and I got more into the game than I thought I would, I think the alcohol played a part. It was so exciting that we won. After the match we decided to head back to the hotel as it was 11pm by this point and we were both tired after such a long day.

Have you seen the Colosseum? Stay tuned for Day 3 coming very soon!

Thanks for reading!

Mia X



2 thoughts on “Rome Travel Diaries- Day 2

  1. I really love the photos taken with the macro lens! I visited the Colosseum last summer and we had a guided tour which helped to add some background to what we were seeing. It was good but definitely not worth the 15 euros he charged us each!!! xx


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