Rome Travel Diaries- Day 1

As some of you may know if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, I went to Rome with my boyfriend Ben last week, which was our first every holiday together. It was the most amazing trip, I loved every second of exploring the beautiful city and all it’s famous tourist attractions. I already have major holiday blues and have been searching holiday deals ever since, ready for our next one.

We headed to Newcastle airport very early on the Monday morning as our flight was at 7:50am. After very little sleep, due to being so excited to get to Rome, I was super tired and couldn’t wait to get on the flight to Italy. Our flight flew over, I think watching the Fault in Our Stars helped and we arrived at our hotel around 1:30pm their time.

We stayed in the Vanity Hotel Navona and I couldn’t recommend it enough. The room was amazing, so modern, with a huge shower, air conditioning, memory foam mattress and fridge, it had everything we need and more. The staff were so friendly and catered our ever need, including gluten free breakfast for Ben every morning. It was right in the centre of Rome and only a 10-15 minute walk from all of the nearest tourist destinations including the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Castle Sant’Angelo and St Peters Basilica. Ben couldn’t have picked a better hotel.

We quickly got changed at the hotel and headed straight out, as we didn’t want to waste anytime in exploring. We headed to Piazza Navona, which is a little square surrounded by bars and restaurants and was situated around the corner from our hotel. It was so beautiful and the water fountains were amazing. We decided to have our lunch here, as we hadn’t eaten all day. We both ordered margarita pizzas, Bens of course gluten free and this was my first time trying Italian pizza in Rome. For drinks I went for Iced Tea and Ben had an Aperol Spritz, which became his drink of choice all holiday. The pizzas were amazing and we were certainly full afterwards.

We then decided to go and get our Roma Passes before exploring some more. I would highly recommend purchasing a Roma Pass, as for only 38 euros for 3 days it allowed us free entry into 2 tourist attractions and free access on any train for the 3 days, which was just what we needed. They sell them all over in Rome, so you should easily find them if you do decide to get one. We then headed to the Spanish Steps as it wasn’t far from where we were. As it was midday by this point, there was so many people taking selfies from the bottom and heading up the steps. We decided to walk up the stairs, as of course you have to and afterwards we were so very sweaty and out of breath from the heat, but the views from the top were worth it.

Next, we went over to the Trevi Fountain, which was certainly one of the highlights of the trip. I was so amazed by how beautiful it was and we made sure to take loads of photos, as well as of course throwing a cent in and making a wish. You can tell it’s certainly a major tourist attraction, as there were people everywhere trying to get their perfect snaps also.

We were just a short walk from the Pantheon, so we headed their next. There was a long queue to get in, but we only had to wait around 10 minutes which wasn’t bad at all, as they let in a large amount of people in at a time. As this is a religious building we weren’t allowed in unless I purchased a shawl to cover my shoulders, which was 4 euros. We weren’t bothered about paying this as it is a must see in Rome and I knew it would be a keep sake and remind of this trip. The pantheon was beautiful once inside and filled with people in awe of the building. You had to be silent, which was certainly hard for someone like me who never stops talking, due to the religious aspect. Fun Fact: The Pantheon has a whole in it’s roof and even when it rains, it never rains inside the building.

We then walked around a little longer exploring the dainty clobbered streets, before heading back to the hotel as it was around 6:00pm by this point. We sorted our cases out and got ready for our first night in Rome. We decided to head down to the river, as it was only a 2 minute walk from our hotel and they had some bars and restaurant here. We went to a few places for some drinks and ended up staying out till around midnight. By this point we were exhausted after such a long day, that we couldn’t wait to get into bed and also were slightly drunk.

The first day was so amazing, I couldn’t wait for the rest of the trip. Stay tuned for Day 2 coming very soon! We also filmed loads of footage of our trip on the go pro, so we will be making a video of our trip, which I will be sharing once it’s edited.

Thanks for reading!

Mia X



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