A Day Out At Kew Gardens

On Friday, me and some of my friends decided to visit Kew Gardens, with it only being 30 minutes from where we live. After hearing so many great things about it, I was desperate to see if these were true and had to visit myself. We were truly spoilt with the weather, with it being 18 degrees the whole day, which meant no coat weather and a chance for me to wear my new sunglasses.

The entry fee is £8.50 for students which is so reasonable considering how much there is to see and do, and it’s definitely a more than one trip experience as we only got to see half of what is to offer. They do also have membership offers for those who are wanting to visit frequently throughout the year, which is a great deal.

We first decided to head to the Palm House Parterre, which was a massive glass building filled with a variety of plants. It over looks the lake which from the balcony is such an amazing view. It was absolutely boiling in the glass house and we were all sweating so our time in their was very short as we were desperate to get out of there. It was so pretty inside and I loved the addition of the spiral staircases up to the balcony. We got a chance to see the plant which makes Henna tattoos which was very interesting.

We began to get hungry by this point as we arrived at 1ish, so we decided to walk to the Orangery for our lunch. On our way we walked past The Hive which is a multi sensory experience and we knew we had to try it out after we had eaten. The Orangery was a beautiful building and the interior was gorgeous, it felt so posh inside and the food prices definitely showed this. We all went for sandwiches and crisps as we didn’t feel like having a proper meal, however we regretted not bringing a picnic as the prices were expensive. The sandwiches were £4.50 and a slice of cake was £3, so I ended up paying over £10 in the end.

After lunch we headed back over to the Hive for the experience. It was so cool inside the metal construction, as we got to experience what it’s like to be a Bee and how they communicate with each other which was fun. We then headed over to the Princess of Wales Conservatory, which had so many cool plants and cacti. The Treetop Walkway, which was so high up and had the most incredible views of the gardens, however if you are like me and are scared of heights you certainly won’t want to look down. It is one to conquer your fears! Then finally the Great Pagoda which doesn’t open until the Summer, so we could only see the outside. It was so pretty and the views from the top will be so good. I will definitely be visiting this when it opens.

We all had such a fun filled day and the weather truly made it better. I will certainly be paying a visit very soon, and taking Ben next time. Have you visited Kew Gardens before?

Top: Miss Selfridge

Trousers: Miss Selfridge

Trainers: Puma

Sunglasses: Primark

Thanks for reading!

Mia X



15 thoughts on “A Day Out At Kew Gardens

  1. I have never actually visited Kew Gardens although I keep meaning to! I will definitely visit in the summer before my student membership expires hehe xx


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