Top 3 Cleansers

A cleanser is an essential part of any skincare routine and I have tried a fair few over the years since the day I started wearing makeup. There has been some cleansers I have absolutely loved and some I have hated and just haven’t agreed with my skin, so I thought I would round up my top 3. Just a little side note I have oily, problematic skin so I suffer from acne and the occasional spot, yet also have an oily t-zone and sensitive skin.

Garnier Micellar Cleanser Water

I am so obsessed with the Garnier Micellar Water range and I am sure you will have heard me raving about this cleanser on the blog ever since the day I tried my first bottle. I have gone through so many bottles of this stuff and tried so many different ones from the range. My favourites have to be Oily Skin one and Sensitive Skin one as these 2 suit my skin the best. I was so sceptical at first about this product as I was like how can water remove my makeup, but boy was I wrong. This stuff is amazing and works miracles, it removes my makeup so easily and without any traces left. You sometimes may have to double cleanse just to make sure everything has been removed, but for the low price and great quality I can’t complain about this product.

Simple Cleansing Lotion

I have used this cleanser since day 1 and I have never looked back since. It is my holy grail cleanser, and I am so glad my mam introduced me to this wonderful product. It’s one of those products I couldn’t live without, I have to make sure I am stocked up on this, it’s that great. It’s so kind and gentle on my sensitive problematic skin, and as for removing makeup does a pretty great job. It only takes 2 cotton wool pads to remove all of my makeup, so it really is efficient and effortless. I also love the fact it’s a cream product, as it’s also so hydrating too.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish

The famous Cleanse & Polish is loved by many and for all the right reasons. It literally melts away all your makeup, without having to scrub for hours and removes even the toughest of mascaras. It feels so nourishing and gentle on the skin, making removing my makeup so much more enjoyable. I love this cleanser! It may be on the more pricier high end side, but it’s so worth every penny.

What are your favourite cleansers?

Thanks for reading!

Mia X



10 thoughts on “Top 3 Cleansers

  1. I absolutely love garnier micellar water!!! I have the same skin type as you and OMG it works wonders! Never tried the other two but they are on my list of things to try ☺️

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