MAC Snowball Christmas Collection

I have been obsessing over this collection ever since the day it was released, so you can imagine how excited I was when I received 3 things from the collection for Christmas. I was very generously gifted an eye shadow palette, one of the mini lipstick sets and one of the lip kit sets.

Snowball Eye Compact in Gold

How gorgeous is this palette? As soon as I opened this I couldn’t wait to swatches all the colours and create so many eye looks. I was instantly drawn to the gold shade, but can you blame me it’s amaze. Although these shades are so pretty, the pigmentation isn’t anything to shout about and it’s obvious that the darker shades are more pigmented than the lighter. The shimmer brown is the most pigmented out of them all, and I have been using this recently in the crease alongside the gold to create such a pretty eye look. I really thought the gold and silver shimmer would be a lot more pigmented than they are, so I was slightly disappointed that they didn’t pay off so well. However, I decided to spray my brush with my trustee setting spray to see if this worked better and the pigmentation much improved, so it’s clear these shades are better off wet. I will be definitely trying out this palette more, but I have to say I am left a little disappointed.

Snowball Mini Lipstick Kit in Cool

I love the mini lipstick kits, they always have so many gorgeous shades that are great to try out. This kit comes with the shade Boca, which is a brown/nude shade very similar to velvet teddy, Cocktail Kiss which is a dark nude and Kinda Sexy which is a pink nude. They are all such gorgeous colours, and Boca is a satin finish, while the other 2 are matte finishes. I have been loving wearing these recently and I can’t wait to properly try them out!

Snowball Lip Bag in Nude

In this kit you get a lipstick, lip liner and lip gloss, the lipstick is a nude/pink shade with a cremesheen finish. This is actually the first cremesheen lipstick I have ever tried from MAC, so I was intrigued to how it would compare to a matte or satin finish. I really like this colour and the formulation, it feels creamy on the lips, lasts all day even after eating although you will need to re-apply after a couple of hours and isn’t at all drying. The lip liner is a little darker but matches so well, you could say almost identical to the lip stick which I am really impressed with. I hate when you get a kit in which the 2 don’t really match. It lasts so well, and glides onto the lips so easily. As for the lip gloss it isn’t too sticky, and looks super cute over the top.

Swatches of Lip Products

Boca, Cocktail Kiss, Kinda Sexy, Double Time Lip Liner, Sending Love (Top to Bottom)

Have you tried anything from their Christmas collection, If so what were your thoughts?

Thanks for reading!

Mia X



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