The Brow Shaper- Does It Really Work?

Wanting the perfect tool to keep your eyebrows intact in between getting them waxed or threaded, then The Brow Shaper may be for you. It’s a tool that claims to remove eyebrow hairs quickly, easily and painlessly in order to have perfectly shaped brows. But the real question is does it really work?


Instant Beauty Fix kindly sent me The Brow Shaper a couple of weeks ago and I have been putting it to the test ever since, to insure my eyebrows are intact. It has 2 simple steps to ensure you are using the tool correct, these are:

  • Place at a slight angle against your skin, where the sparse brow hairs are.
  • Glide it along the skin, against the desired hairs you are wanting to remove.

On the first try I didn’t notice much of a difference and I really struggled to think this tool was even worth it. It just seemed like a hassle and that tweezers would be easily as good. However, after a few more tries to see what worked best, I finally found the best way for me and the unwanted eyebrow hairs came away. I have noticed sometimes it takes several times to get all of the hairs away, especially stubborn hairs that just won’t budge so keep that in mind. I also found that putting it on angle only works for certain areas of your eyebrows and for the middle/in between of both my eyebrows I didn’t need to put in on angle.


Although this product is designed for the brows you can also use it on upper lip hair, as it works just as well in this area.

Overall, I was impressed with this tool. I wouldn’t say I was wowed or particularly amazed, however it’s unique and primarily does what it sets out to. I will be using this in between brow appointments to get rid of any unwanted brow hairs underneath my eyebrows, however I won’t be using this instead of getting my brows waxed.


Head over to the Instant Beauty Fix website to get yours now.

Thanks for reading!

Mia X

Disclaimer: This post includes products that have been sent to me for reviewing purpose, however all opinions are my own.



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