Picture Perfect Skin: Ooharr Mask Review

I love a good face mask, as I feel like it’s an essential in any skincare routine in order to improve your skin and prep your face ready for makeup. So, when Ooharr sent me their Deep Cleansing Mask to try out I couldn’t wait to see how it compared to other masks I have tried.


The first thing I noticed was the strong mint smell due to it being Peppermint infused, as soon as I applied it to my skin my eyes couldn’t stop watering. After a while I couldn’t smell the mint, once the mask has settled into the skin which I was glad about. The mask is quite thick which makes it easy to apply onto the skin and means that you get more than 1 application out of each packet. It does sting at first but it does calm down, which shows that it is working on the skin.


The mask contains exfoliators that contribute to the deep cleansing of your skin, to get rid of all the dirt and make your skin feel soft. When the mask tightens, they come through so you can massage them into the skin when removing the mask. I liked this concept and I felt like it really helped make a difference to my skin, creating that picture perfect look.


I really liked this face mask, as I feel like it left my skin looking bright and fresh and left it feeling clean. You can purchase these masks for only £1.20 here, which I think is really reasonable seen as though it contains enough product for up to 3 applications. I will certainly be trying out more face masks from the range!

Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples, however all opinions are my own.

Thanks for reading!

Mia X



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