Kiko First Impressions 

For my birthday my friend Isabelle kindly bought me 2 things from Kiko, having never tried any products from this brand before I was so excited when I opened them. I received the Kiko 102 Color Fever Eyeshadow Palette and the Kiko Less Is Better Cream Blusher. I haven’t really had a chance to properly try them out so I thought I would just share my first impressions on my first ever products from Kiko.

Kiko 102 Color Fever Eyeshadow Palette


The eyeshadow palette comes with 4 different colours, that when all put together  create a gorgeous smokey eye look. Upon swatching these colours, the bottom left shade was less pigmented, and the bottom right was the most pigmented. I found that they blended with ease and felt very creamy. I can’t wait to wear these eyeshadows more over the upcoming months. 

Kiko Less Is Better Cream Blusher


I have never tried a cream blusher before so I was slightly scared yet intrigued to see how it would compared to a powder blush. The shade I got is a gorgeous peachy pink shade and will look so pretty with the product subtly dabbed onto the cheeks, as the name suggests “less is better”. Upon first swatch I could tell this blush was very pigmented and a little certainly went a long way. It blended easily, yet it does take a little bit of working in to not look to harsh or like a streak on the cheeks. I’m dying to see how this product holds up, and I know I will be experimenting with it very soon.

Have you tried any products from Kiko?

Thanks for reading!

Mia X



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