What I Pack In My Travel Carry On

As you may have seen from my latest posts, I went to Dublin for the weekend at the beginning of August. Due to the fact we were only staying for a couple of days we all decided to take hand luggage, this meant I had to pack only my essentials. I thought I would share with you what I took, as I know it can be hard to pick what minis to take with you and I certainly struggled. 

PINK Body Spray and BED HEAD Hair Spray

I hate taking perfume away with me for the sheer thought of it smashing in my suitcase, so I always bring a body spray instead. My new favourite summer scent is currently the PINK Sun kissed body spray as it is infused with coconut and vanilla. I love it! So, I had to take this one to Dublin, thankfully it was just the right size. I knew I would end up curling my hair on the night, so I brought the Bed Head Hairspray in order to keep my hair in tact all night. This stuff is great in keeping your locks in and made sure my hair still looked as great as it did when I first curled it all night.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water and Sure Bright Bouquet Deodorant

Nobody wants to be smelling, so deodorant is an essential everywhere I go. I am currently loving the Sure Bright Bouquet as it smells so amazing and leaves my armpits smelling fresh all day long. The Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water has certainly become my new favourite makeup remover, so I had to purchase this mini cleanser from Boots to take away with me. I love how effortlessly it removes my makeup, which is needed when you arrive to the hotel at 3am and the last thing you want to do is have to chew on removing your makeup.

Batiste Floral and Flirty Dry Shampoo and Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste 

I totally love the scent of the Batiste Floral and Flirty dry shampoo, so I had to purchase this mini for Dublin. It left my hair feeling fresh and clean for the day ahead, as well as adding that extra volume which is what I needed with having poker straight hair. Of course everyone needs to take toothpaste away with them where ever you go, as there would be nothing worse that forgetting to take it. I love the Colgate Max Fresh as it’s super minty and leaves my teeth feeling super clean.

What essentials do you make sure you pack in your travel carry on?

Thanks for reading!

Mia X



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