Dublin 2017- Day 2

On the Sunday we decided to head to Dublin Zoo. I love visiting zoos and seeing all the animals, so I knew this would be a great day out. My favourites being Giraffes and Penguins.



We first went to see the Monkeys, as their enclosures where the first things you could see as you entered the zoo. There was so many different types from Orang-utans to Gorillas, and they all played on their rope swings and chased after one another as everyone was watching them. One monkey even walked to the top of post, sat on the rope which was draped over a walkway and peed, fortunately it never hit anyone.


Next we saw some Flamingos and Penguins. As Penguins are one of my favourite animals, I obviously got way too excited when we spotted them. One of the penguins kept coming to the window over the enclosure and stood staring at us, as Laura took pictures of him and they all kept squawking.


We then saw an array of different animals in which we had all never heard of or had ever seen before. One of the animals looked like a mix between a zebra, horse and deer it was crazy. As well as the Sea Lion enclosure. It was so hard to see them as they kept swimming from side to side and hardly came out from underneath the water.


We then headed over to the African Savannah area to see the Zebras, Giraffes and Rhinos. This area was definitely my favourite, especially due to the fact I love Giraffes. As you can see from the pictures below the Rhinos were very lazy and spent the time sleeping in the sun, however the Zebras and Giraffes were roaming around and some even came right close to everyone watching.


Finally we headed to see the Elephants and the Reptiles. One of the elephants kept putting on a show for everyone watching, by chucking branches into the air and the odd time catching it with it’s trunk again. We also managed to see a Hippo, however it was only for a split second when it finally decided to come out of the water.


We did manage to see other animals such as Lions, Tigers and African Wild Dogs, however they were so far into the closure sleeping at the time it was hard to get a proper look and take any pictures.

It was such a great day out and I would totally recommend the zoo if you are ever visiting Dublin or if you live in Dublin.

Thanks for reading!

Mia X








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