Dublin 2017- Day 1

I went to Dublin over the weekend for the first time with my boyfriend Ben, one of my best friends Laura and Ben’s friend Miles. We all had such a great weekend and I will definitely be visiting Dublin again in the future. So, I thought I would share what we got up to while we were there.


When we arrived at early hours Saturday morning, 1:30am to be exact, we decided to quickly get ready and head to Temple Bar for a few drinks. They have live music every single night in all of the bars, and they play Irish songs as well as a mix of old school hip hop and pop music. We were all so surprised at the price of the drinks spending nearly 8 euros for a pint and 12 euros for spirits, which we definitely were not expecting. However, the atmosphere in the pubs was great as everyone was singing and dancing along. After a couple of drinks we decided to head back to our hotel for some rest before the day ahead.


We decided to head to the Jameson Distillery as even though we aren’t all whiskey lovers we had heard good things about the experience. When we arrived we purchased our tickets and received a complimentary drink of whiskey and ginger ale. I hate ginger ale so I didn’t enjoy the complimentary drink unfortunately. We then headed to the room in which we were given our tour. We heard the story of how Jameson Whiskey came to life and the background of the Jameson family, which was so interesting. Next, we got the chance to see how it was made and feel the products that are used to make this famous Irish whiskey. Finally, we got to do a taste test of 3 different whiskeys to see how they compare to Jameson. These were Jack Daniels, Jameson and Johnnie Walker. All 4 of us didn’t enjoy any of the whiskey, yet still enjoyed the whole experience. If you love whiskey and are ever visiting Dublin I would recommend heading to the Jameson Distillery, they also have a bar and gift shop so you can purchase their whiskey to take home with you.


We then headed into the town to go the National Wax Museum. When we got there we entered the first room which was a science area, which had a massive dinosaur and a mirror maze. Of course we all got lost countless number of times in the maze but managed to make it out into the celebrity room. There we saw wax figures of Jedward, the king of pop himself Michael Jackson and Donald Trump. Next was the children’s area with figures such as Batman, The Evil Queen and SpongeBob. We then headed to the horror area in which we were scared by people jumping out on us along the way. I think me and Laura must have screamed numerous times. Finally we went through the ancient area, which had famous Vikings, Kings and Soliders. When you leave the Museum you are able to get a wax sculpture done of your hand to keep, however we decided not to get one. img_0899img_0966img_0903-1img_0904-1img_0911-1img_0965img_0913-1img_0906-1img_0909-1

After we left the museum we were feeling hungry so decided to find somewhere for Lunch. We found that there was a Nandos near by and because Miles had never had a Nandos and Me, Ben and Laura are all Nandos lovers we headed there. Me and Laura went for the Full Platter with Creamy Mash, Spicy Rice, Garlic Bread and Peri Peri Chips as our sides and Ben and Miles went for the No Bones Platter. When we finished our Nandos we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the night as by this time it was nearly 6.  img_0914-1

Saturday was the best night for all of us in Dublin. We went into a bar/nightclub called Fitzsimons. We went into the bar part first as there was a live band on and all the crowd were singing and dancing along, it was such a good atmosphere. Once they had finished at around 1am, we went downstairs into the nightclub. The music was old school pop as well as pop music now, it was great. I wore this gorgeous lace dress from The Dollhouse Boutique which is no longer open no more, with some open toe heeled black boots from Primark and Laura wore these classic stripy trousers and black mesh top both from Stradivariu with a bralette underneath which was from Missguided.


Day 2 of my weekend away will be up very soon!

Thanks for reading!

Mia X





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