How I Maintain My Blonde

As you may have seen over a year ago on my blog I decided to go blonde, well not completely, just on the ends of my hair. I had wanted to do it for so long and with being naturally dark brown I knew that I couldn’t pull of being totally blonde, so adding blonde just to the ends would be the safer option. I have been totally obsessed with it since and have wanted to go blonder and blonder every time. Since, last April I have dyed my hair 3 more times and in between my hair appointments I have been using the Creighton’s Sunshine Blonder to maintain the colour as much I can.


Creighton’s Summer Blonde is a shampoo that claims to brighten the blonde and neutralise brassiness in order to enhance your colour treated hair. It’s packed with argan oil also, so as well as maintaining the colour, it also maintains dry and damaged hair. I actually picked this up for only £1 in Poundland, as I wanted to try something to see if tone correcting shampoos actually worked and boy have I saved money, as this shampoo is great.


I apply this shampoo onto the ends of my hair twice a week and leave it to settle for a few minutes before washing it off. Once my hair has dried I can tell the difference straight away as my hair looks much lighter. It’s crazy! Obviously it’s not a major difference as that’s not what it is designed for but you can tell that my does hair look lighter. The argan oil inside this shampoo, also works wonders on my hair leaving it feeling softer and less damaged. As soon as I wash all the shampoo from off my hair, I can tell how silky and smooth it feels.  Due to dying my hair it has become a lot more damaged, so this helps maintain my hair every time and stops it from splitting straight away.


I would certainly recommend this shampoo if you are looking to try and maintain your blonde, as it truly works and for £1 you can’t beat it!

Thanks for reading!

Mia X

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