I Passed My Driving Test! AD

So, I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST! I am so happy and excited that I can finally drive, as it feels like I have been learning forever. It feels good to be able to drive whenever I want, well when my mam doesn’t need her car. I was so nervous for my test, as this was my 2nd time taking it, but I felt so much more relaxed once I got in the car and when the examiner told me I had passed my first response was “Really? I thought I had failed!” typical me.

I have decided to team up with Fife Autocentre for their “Car maintenance tips for the summer” campaign, in order to share with you the best ways to stay safe on the roads in the summer months. As a newbie driver, this is something I especially need to know so I ensure I don’t have any accidents or ruin my mam’s car.

Overheating- Ensure that you check your coolant reservoir, you can find where this is located in your vehicle handbook if you are unsure. You will need to look for wet or white marks on the coolant hose or listen out for the fan. If it seems as though things don’t look or sound right, then make sure you get your vehicle checked out as soon as possible.

Tyres- Due to high temperatures, the tarmac on the roads will become very hot which can increase the risk of wear on your types and damage already weakened spots. Unfortunately, leading to punctures. Before setting off check the condition of your tyres, to make sure this won’t happen to you. If you believe that your tyres aren’t in the best condition, then cheap tyres in Stirling are available on the Fife Autocentre website.

Your car may feel more tired in the summer months, which means you have to work harder to power up your car. A reason for this is the air is warmer and less dense so the engine has less power than normal. Although you will have to work harder, don’t over do it as this will only cause problems to your car and may leave you with an unwanted fine.

Remember to always stay safe on the roads, happy driving!

Thanks for reading!

Mia X

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