Beauty Blenders Vs Makeup Brushes

Ever since the first every Beauty Blender was released there has been a continuous battle between the pros and cons of both beauty blenders and makeup brushes, and which one is truly the best for applying your makeup.


When they came out I didn’t jump on the hype straight away, as I wanted to see what everyone else was thinking before I went out and purchased my own. I of course heard so much about them that I just had to purchase the Real Techniques one and see what the hype was all about. I made a silly mistake on my first use and didn’t wet the sponge so my foundation went ridiculously patchy, leaving me unimpressed with the hype around them and I ended up shoving it to the back of the draw resorting back to my trustee makeup brushes.


A couple of months later I decided to try my beauty blender again, this time with water, and found that it applied my makeup so great and evenly this time. I had finally joined in the ever surrounding hype. So which do I prefer beauty blenders or makeup brushes?


Beauty Blender


It blends out my makeup really nicely.

It doesn’t leave my foundation or concealer looking cakey.

It covers my imperfections.

It’s easy to clean and remove stains.

It is shaped for different parts of your face, so you don’t need to buy loads of sponges for different areas.


I have found that as it is a sponge it tends to soak up quite a bit of foundation and concealer, leaving me to use more than I need to.

You have to replace them quite regularly as they rip and tear easily.

Make Up Brushes


It blends your makeup evenly.

Provides a circular motion, so your makeup doesn’t go cakey and blends well.

It covers any imperfections.

They feel soft on your face.

They are easy to clean and remove stains.

They are better to use to powder.


They are more expensive, as you need more than 1 brush to apply your foundation, concealer, contour etc. While you can use the same beauty blender that does everything in 1.

The hairs can fall out easily.


Overall, I tend to reach for a makeup brush more than a beauty blender when doing my makeup, despite my love for both products. I don’t think there is any particular over riding reason for this, but I think the longevity and ease of applying makes me sway more to use makeup brushes instead.

What do you prefer to use to apply your makeup?

Thanks for reading!

Mia x


5 thoughts on “Beauty Blenders Vs Makeup Brushes

  1. I always favour brushes over beauty blenders! I don’t really know why, I just feel more comfortable with using them i suppose. I love your blog! Followed, could you maybe check out mine?😌💓

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