Your Lips But Better| Kylie Jenner Dolce K 


Kylie Jenner is known for her voluminous lips, so when she released her lip kits everyone went crazy! When they first came out I didn’t really join in the hype as they were selling like hot cakes and the shipping from the US to the UK put me off ordering any. However, I finally caved in a couple of months ago and purchased the lip kit in the shade Dolce K and I have never looked back since.


I absolutely love this shade and I’m glad I purchased this shade over many others as it complements my skin tone so well. It’s so gorgeous! The longevity of these lipsticks are insane and stayed on all day from 10am till 8pm without having to be topped up at all, which I was very surprised about it especially as I had eaten 2 full meal days during this time period. However, they had by the end of the day started to wear off in the middle of my lips but you could hardly even tell.  I found that this lipsticks didn’t crumble or bleed on my lips either during the day, which is also an added bonus.


I was disappointed with the shade difference between the lip liner and liquid lipstick, as you can tell from the photo the lip liner is more orange while the lipstick is more brown, however they still work well together and the lipstick balances out the colour. I didn’t have any difficulty applying both the liner and lipstick, as they glided onto my lips so smoothly and dried matte very quickly. I did find though that it is quite sticky for a while after your lips apply and your lips do tend to stick together, yet this does wear off when it fully dries.

Overall, I was totally impressed with this lip kit and do confirm they are worth the hype. I hope to get more shades in the near future. However, I think I will stick to cheaper versions of these lip kits for now due to the price of the shipping fees to the UK, as the likes of NYX are just as good.

Thanks for reading!

Mia X

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