Beauty and The Beast Review

You may have heard many people rave about how amazing the new Beauty and The Beast is and are wondering if it’s really worth it? I have to say that it truly is! I went to see Beauty and The Best the other day with my family and as we entered the cinema I was filled with excitement seeing so many little girls dressed as Belle and people of all ages entering to watch this Disney classic and relive their childhood. I couldn’t wait to get into my seat and for the movie to begin!

beauty and the beast

The thing I loved the most about the film is the fact they answered so many unanswered questions from the animation and added to the story. They explained what happened to Belle’s mother, how the prince became the Beast and why all of the villagers didn’t remember about the castle or about the prince. It was so nice to see a different perspective and learn things we never knew before about some of the characters lives or about the story before. Despite these little added extras, the movie still held the same storyline and was a great adaption of the original.

I think Emma Watson was the perfect actress to play Belle and she fulfilled the role so amazingly. She represented Belle so well, yet also showed her strong and feminine personality throughout which I loved. The special effects and makeup was done exceptionally well and brought the Beast to life, making him seem so real and Dan Stevens took on the role so well. Josh Gad aka LeFou, had to be my favourite character and I loved his humorous and charming personality.

Disney have turned such an amazing tale into an incredible real life experience and certainly made me relive my childhood all over again. From the costumes, actors and actresses, setting, special effects etc, they have gone above and beyond and really outdone themselves.

I would certainly recommend you head to your local cinema and watch the new Beauty and the Beast film, as you won’t be left disappointed.

Thanks for reading!

Mia X

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