February Favourites

I seem to have accumulated so many favourites over this past month, so what better way to document them than through a monthly favourites post.

Beauty and Skincare


Nivea Oil Free Moisturising Day Cream This moisturiser has worked wonders on my oily skin and left it feeling so hydrated and super soft this month. It has been my holy grail moisturiser and I have reached for this the most out of my other ones. I apply this on a morning as base for applying my makeup and it makes it so efficient and easy to apply my foundation without feeling too oily and heavy. It’s really worth the price tag!

MAC Upper Lash MascaraI have had a love hate relationship with this mascara this month, but I have come to the conclusion I love it. It adds so much volume and length to my lashes, awakening my tired eyes on those dreaded early mornings. It doesn’t tend to go clumpy and is perfect for your upper lashes as the name suggests. I would advise not to apply this mascara on the bottom lashes as it is prone to leaving black marks especially if you have naturally long lashes. Overall, I have enjoyed using this mascara this month.

Ted Baker Eyebrow Pencil- I am still yet to find the perfect brow product for my eyebrows, however I have found products that I have loved and have worked well on my brows and this Ted Baker pencil is one of them. It applies so easily to my eyebrows leaving them to look more defined and shaped almost instantly. It isn’t too waxy or crispy but has just the right consistency to leave my brows looking good for the day. I am impressed with this brow pencil and I am sure it will be a firm favourite for a while now in my brow collection.

TV Shows



I have been totally obsessed with this TV Series this month which I came across while stumbling around Netflix, while trying to find a new series to watch. I have totally binged watched the whole first series and ended up watching all the episodes in 2 days, I was so sad when it ended. I am hoping they bring out more series out on Netflix as they only have series 1, which is definitely not enough when you are as obsessed as me.

Release The Hounds


I am loving this years series of Release The Hounds so far and it has been a firm TV favourite of mine this month. I have loved the line up this year from the TOWIE cast to our favourite YouTube Boy Band, it has been so exciting to watch. I definitely think they’re all so brave to go on the show and I know that I would certainly be just afraid as them if I was in their position. My favourite episode out of the series so far has to have the most recent one with Alfie, Joe and Marcus.


Emily Roberts

I have been loving Emily’s Bloguary series this month. Emily is actually a good friend of mine outside of the blogging world and is so down to earth and utterly Disney obsessed. She celebrated her 2 year blogging anniversary in February so decided to do a blog post every single day to celebrate. Her posts have ranged from beauty and makeup reviews to Disney inspired posts. I have enjoyed reading them! If you haven’t already then check out her blog here.


Saffron Barker


Saffron Barker is a UK YouTuber from Brighton, I have been loving her channel this month and binged watched so many of her videos and vlogs. She’s so down to earth and genuine and I’m obsessed with her fashion style, like can we just take a minute to appreciate how good she looks all of the time. She does everything from beauty and fashion to lifestyle hacks and challenges. Check it out her YouTube channel.

Thanks for reading!

Mia X

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