Cut and Chase

I decided to take Ben to York as part of his present for our 1 year anniversary. I booked a table for us to go for lunch while we were there at a restaurant called Cut and Chase, as I heard about it from a few of my friends. As with visiting any restaurant for the first time, I didn’t know what to expect and I have to say I am well and truly impressed by the food and service we received and I would definitely visit again in the near future.

For our meal I went for the Prime Beef Burger which is a burger topped with melted cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomatoes and Ben went for the Fillet Steak which came with onion rings, tomatoes and mushrooms. My burger tasted so good and was different too the usual style burgers you get from a restaurant, which is why I really liked it. The melted bacon and cheese certainly went so well together and made the burger taste so much better. The onion rings which I pinched from Ben were amazing and so crispy and crunchy. Ben loved his steak and he claimed it was definitely the best steak he has ever had and for £25 who could blame him. I had a try myself and for a steak virgin like me I had to say I was impressed.


After our meal we then decided to have a drink, I went for a cocktail which was called Garden Party, this included Strawberry Gin, Grand Marnier, Vanilla Syrup, Lavender and Lemon Juice served with a Lavender sugar rim and a shot of Prosecco and Ben went for an Apple Cider. The cocktail was so nice but certainly very strong so I had to drink it very slow and the cider tasted amazing, Ben claimed it was one of the best ciders he has ever tried.


For the service, the waiters and waitresses were so lovely and helpful and attended to our every need. They made sure our experience was up to high standards and they exceeding in making sure we enjoyed our drinks and meal.

I would recommend checking out Cut and Chase if you live near York or are ever visiting York as the food and service was really great! I know I will be visiting again sometime again, hopefully soon!

Thanks for reading!!

Mia X


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