Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Lipstick Review 

As you may have seen from my What I Bought In The Boxing Day Sales post I purchased this gorgeous lipstick from the Gwen Stefani range in Urban Decay. I went for the shade Rock Steady which is a bold red/deep pink shade with a creamy finish and on my pale complexion it definitely looks very red. It is the perfect Autumn/Winter shade.


I can’t believe how long lasting this lipstick is, the pigmentation is great and lasts for many hours before having to re-apply again. It has been my holy grail lip product ever since I purchased it for this reason, as well as the fact the colour is so gorgeous. Even after eating and drinking throughout the day, you could hardly tell that I had been as my lipstick pretty much stayed in tact the whole time. I was so impressed!


This lipstick suits my pale complexion perfectly as it doesn’t drown me out or make me look like Caspar the ghost. Yet manages to still look so vibrant and bold, which I love. I also really love the packaging of these lipsticks, they’re super elegant and the colours and pattern totally remind me of her Sweet Escape video.


Thanks for reading!

Mia X


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