1 Year Blog Anniversary

img_7151I can’t believe that yesterday was a whole year since I started my blog! I never expected when I first started my blog and wrote my first blog posts that I would be where I am today with in my blog and that I would even still be blogging. This past year has been so crazy and flown by so fast, but I can’t believe how much my blog has grown since and how many people have enjoyed reading my little blog.

Since day one my blog has grown so much and I have received well over 6,000 views, over 1,000 people have visited my blog from all over the world in countries such as Egypt, Hungary and Romania which is insane and over 70 people have followed my blog which I can’t quite believe either. It’s been so great to watch my blog flourish and I can’t wait to see what this next year of blogging brings. I have managed to meet so many lovely bloggers and receive 100s of wonderful comments and likes from people who have enjoyed my posts, which is so encouraging.

Thank you for all the continued support and to all those who read my blog as I couldn’t have achieved all this without you. Here is to another year of blogging!

Thanks for reading!

Mia X

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