The Makeup Tag with My Boyfriend

I decided to do the makeup tag with my boyfriend Ben as I wanted to know how much he knew about makeup and if he pays attention when I do my makeup in front of him. img_6287

1) How much do you think you know about makeup?

(laughs) A little bit.

2) Have you ever bought me a makeup item that you had no idea what it was for?

No actually, as I always try to find out from you what you like.

3) Name something you have bought me

Nars Concealer

4) Describe the item

It’s used to brighten under eye circles and hide red marks like spots (Not quite Ben). It has a black lid and Nars wrote on it, it’s also filled with a creamy colour concealer.

5) I’m gonna give you makeup items and you have to describe what they are:

Mascara- It’s used to extend lashes

Foundation- It’s used to even out your skin tone

Lipstick- It colours your lips

Eyeshadow- It goes on your eyelid to colour them

Bronzer- It’s used for contouring (I’m not so sure it is)

Powder- No idea

Highlighter- It highlights your cheeks and eye area

Contour- It highlights the lines of your face (hmm I don’t think so Ben)

Brow Product- It’s used to draw your eyebrows on

Cleanser-It’s used to remove your makeup and moisturiser your skin

6) Was this hard?


7) Do you think you could do my makeup the same way I do it?

No, probably not!

He surprisingly did well considering he doesn’t know much about makeup. I can’t believe he knew some of things he did, I wasn’t expecting him to know what certain products are used for.

Thanks for reading!

Mia X


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