Highlights Of The Month: December 

Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s 2017! I hope yous all had a great night last night celebrating New Year and aren’t feeling too rough today. I certainly did! It’s so crazy that another year has flew over and that soon I will be turning into an adult officially. So, here is the last Highlights of the Month post for 2016.

On the 8th of December I went out to a Mexican restaurant for my Christmas work do. I ordered the Wild West Chicken, which was so good! It was a great night to celebrate Christmas, with a lot of laughter and an array of Mexican hats with my work colleagues!

On the 9th of December I went to my friend Laura’s 18th birthday party! It was at her local cricket club where she lives. The venue was so nice and I loved the way it was set up. She is a Beyoncé fanatic so of course she had a cardboard cut of Beyoncé there. It was definitely such a nice night with some of my favourite girls.

Check out this post, for details on my outfit and makeup for the night!


On the 10th of December I went out for a meal for Ben’s Christmas work do. We had to order our meal before we went there from the set menu. So, for my starter I went for a Prawn Cocktail, for my main I went for a Turkey dinner and for dessert Sticky Toffee pudding. I could hardly eat my pudding by the time it came around as I was so full from the starter and main. I enjoyed my meal, even though there was some things I didn’t enjoy and I had a great night with Ben and his work colleagues.


On the 17th of December me and Ben went out for the day to do some last minute Christmas shopping in Leeds. It was both our first time in Leeds and I fell in love with the place instantly. To read all about my time in Leeds, check out this post.


On the 25th of December it was Christmas Day!!! I had an amazing day with my family and Ben’s family. I was so totally spoilt and received so many amazing gifts which I am super grateful for. Check out my What I Got For Christmas Post 2016, to see what I received. I also ended up stuffing my face and gained so much weight, but that’s all the fun of Christmas so it’s all good!

Outfit: Dress: Blue Velvet Dress from Bank, Boots: Primark, Lipstick: MAC Velvet Teddy


On the 29th of December I went to Beamish with my parents and sisters. They still had all of the Christmas decorations up and the ice skating rink, however the majority of the Christmas activities had now ended. When we first got there we hopped onto the bus and headed into the town. We looked around the Bakers, Clothes store and Sweet shop and ended up watching the guy make Rhubarb and Custards which tasted so good! We then headed to the ice rink and me, my mam and sister all went on. I love the ice skating rink and I went on it last year also. After our time was up on the ice skating rink we decided to go to Pockerley Hall as we never got the chance to go there the last time we went in August. To see my post about my time in Beamish in August, check it out here. We then headed home to get lunch as we began to get hungry. I love Beamish and as we have a yearly ticket we can go as many times as want in a year. So, I would recommend looking into this if you fancy a day out to Beamish. I can’t wait to visit sometime again before my pass runs out.


On the 31st of December I went to a party at our family friends house for New Year. It was such a good night in celebrating the end of a year and the beginning of a new one with a lot of alcohol consumed by the adults, dancing and laughter.

Outfit: Floral Top: Miss Selfridge, Jeans: New Look, Trainers: Puma Trimm Quick in Navy



Thanks for reading!

Mia X

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