Blogmas Day 20-Successful And Disappointing Christmas Adverts Of 2016

Welcome to Blogmas Day 20!

One of the best things about Christmas is the release of all the Christmas adverts on the TV. I thought I would share my opinions on a few of the Christmas adverts this year and which ones I think have been successful and which ones have been disappointing.


Sainsbury’s- This years Sainsbury’s advert is the story of a dad who just wants to buy presents for his family and spend time with them this Christmas. Yet he’s always stuck on trains, in queues or at work so he doesn’t have the time to. As he works in a toy factory he decides to make clones of himself so that he is able to be in numerous places at once. This advert is all about the fact that the greatest gift a person can give at Christmas is themselves to their family and friends. James Corden does the music for this advert as he sings along the song to the story. I have enjoyed this years Sainsbury’s advert, however I do believe that they have done better in other years.sainsburys-ad

Aldi- This years Aldi advert is the adventure of Kevin the carrot, who tries to make his way through the dinner table so he can get to the mantelpiece to meet Santa. He has to stumble through mash, avoid the roast potatoes and brave the cold ice keeping the champagne cold. He finally manages t0 get to the mantelpiece but ends up falling asleep next to some mince pies. When he awakes he ends up being dangled in front of Rudolph so he can keep Santa’s sleigh going. It’s believed that without Kevin’s help Santa would have never been able to deliver the presents on time.

Marks and Spencer’s- The Marks and Spencer’s advert this year shows the story of Mr and Mrs Clause. It begins with her getting him ready for his journey ahead, passing him a hot water bottle and a cheese and pickle sandwich. He then asks her if there is any last minute requests before he boards the sleigh and she answers “No” and gives him a kiss goodbye before he is on his way. Mrs Clause then heads back in side and opens a letter from a little boy who tells of the tale of his relationship with his older sister and asks for her help. Mrs Clause then begins to start getting ready putting on her red coat and grabbing a present, before she gets onto her bobsleigh and heads to the helicopter. She then heads to the little boy Jake’s house to deliver the present for him and heads back home before Mr Clause arrives back. It then shows  Christmas morning when Jake’s sister Anna opens the present from Mrs Clause. Mrs Clause then pretends to be asleep so when Mr Clause comes home so that he doesn’t know about her adventure that night. It ends with Mr Clause asking about her night and she states that it had been quiet. I love this years Marks and Spencer’s advert, it really makes you feel all kind of emotions as you hear the story of Jake. It definitely did not disappoint.


John Lewis- The John Lewis is always the most hyped up advert as it’s one of the first to come out and they always seem to release the greatest adverts which make you really feel something. However, this year I was so disappointed by their Christmas advert and I know many others felt the same. It started off with a little girl jumping on the bed and her dog staring at her in awe wanting to join in. She then goes to bed and her dad begins to build a trampoline in the garden. Once the trampoline is built, 2 foxes run out of the woods and begin to jump on the trampoline. Then a badger comes running out and joins in, then a squirrel and hedgehog. While they’re all jumping on the trampoline the dog is sat in the living room staring out at the trampoline wishing he could join in. It’s now Christmas morning and the little girl runs down the stairs and into the living room to open her presents. She sees the trampoline in the garden and as she runs up to it to go on it, the dog beats her to it and begins to the jump on the trampoline. The little girl and her parents stare at the dog in utter disgust as he jumps on the trampoline and then the advert ends. I just didn’t understand the whole point of the advert and the fact that the girl didn’t join in and just stared at the dog on the trampoline was weird also. I just think that their other adverts have been emotional and meaningful and this one just had no purpose and made me feel so disappointed when it ended. 

What have been your favourite and least favourite adverts this year?

Thanks for reading!

Mia X


2 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 20-Successful And Disappointing Christmas Adverts Of 2016

  1. I was a little disappointed with John Lewis too! I love the Marks & Spencer’s advert the best I think ❤ my favourite advert has got to be Sainsbury’s from last year when they did WW2 – so good!!

    Beth | xo

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