Blogmas Day 18-Day Out In Leeds

Welcome to Blogmas Day 18!

Me and Ben went for a day out Christmas Shopping in Leeds yesterday, which was both of our first time their. We had our train booked for 8:00am, so we arrived in Leeds just after 9:00am. When we got there we headed straight to the town centre and went into the Trinity Shopping Centre. We looked around all the shops and spent a lot of money on Christmas presents f0r our family and friends.

After we had looked around the majority of the shopping centre and had been in every shop we had wanted to go into, we decided to go and look around the shops in the town. We headed in to Lush and Harvey Nichols and had a good old snoop around the makeup departments. We then got hungry and decided to find somewhere to eat. We ended up in Nandos, which is no surprise and we both ordered a butterfly chicken with a portion of chips.When we had finished our meals we had a look around some more of the shops we had missed or didn’t have a chance to look around and spent more money on Christmas presents, before heading to the Alchemist for a few drinks. I ordered the Wow Woo and Ben went for the Bubblebath. They both tasted and looked amazing but I definitely preferred mine to Ben’s. It was so busy in the Alchemist so we only ended up getting one drink before leaving, as it took us so long just to get the first one. 

We ended up heading to a bar before our train and got one more drink each. Our train was booked for 8:00pm and we got to the station half an hour early so we could find our platform and check if our train had been delayed, which unfortunately it had. However we managed to get home just after 9:00pm, so it wasn’t delayed too much.

I loved Leeds and it looks so pretty at this time of the year with all the Christmas markets and decorations. I will definitely be visiting again sometime soon!

Thanks for reading!

Mia X


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