Christmas Gift Ideas

Hello lovelies, as Christmas is fast approaching I thought I would share a few Christmas gift ideas to help you in buying for your family, friends and loved ones.

Fujifilm Instax Camera-£79


I love taking photos as much as the next person and these polaroid cameras are perfect as not only are they super stylish but they print the photos instantly, so you can hang them up on your wall straight away. It is the perfect Christmas gift and helps you to treasure all those moments throughout the day instantly without any hassle.

Tiny Hands Set-£8

This is the perfect stocking filler, it’s an hilarious joke gift and perfect for all the family to try out!

Coffee, Carbs and Cuddles Coaster-£4.50


How cute is this coaster though? It’s perfect to hold all those hot drinks you will be consuming over these cold wintery days. Why not get 20% off using my discount code:miasoutherton20 from Coconut Lane.

Virtual Reality Headset-£39.99

virtual-realityThis gift is great for all those guys who are obsessed with little gadgets and will spend hours entertaining themselves as they step into a virtual world exploring jungles, riding rollercoasters and visiting haunted houses.

Photo Frame-£12.99


I love this photo frame as not only is it shabby chic, which makes it look so pretty but it holds 3 photos in one frame, which is super handy. It would be great for anyone who loves to treasure memories around their homes. Why not use my discount code: SOUTHERTON15 for 15% off products from The Lifestyle Blogger Store.

Hugo Boss Mini Gift Set-£25

Unfortunately I couldn’t get a photo of this gift, however it contains 4 mini 5ml bottles of different Hugo Boss aftershaves. It’s a great gift for your husband, especially due to the variety of aftershaves to try out.

Leaf Scarf-£9.99

scarfI love this scarf and it would be prettiest neck warmer for those cold wintery mornings! For only £9.99 you can’t really go wrong.

Elephant Tea Mug-£17

This mug is a little more on the pricier side, however it is extremely cute. It is ideal for all those hot drinks you will be having over the next few months and would look so good paired with the coaster.

MAC Nutcracker Lip Kit-£26mac-nutcracker-lip-kit

If you know me, you know that MAC is one of my favourite beauty brands so when they realeased the Nutcracker collection for Christmas I spent time searching through the website in awe of all the products. This lip set would be the perfect gift for those obsessed with all things beauty and who love MAC alongside so many other beauty gurus like me. It has the most gorgeous colours and I shall definitely be adding it to my christmas list!

Do you have any Christmas gift ideas?

Thanks for reading!

Mia X

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