Let’s talk about…Periods

As a girl we all dread mother nature paying us a visit once every month and half of the time we are never prepared for her to surprise us like she does. When our time of the month comes it makes us a feel a mix of emotions, we are grumpy, tired, hormonal, emotional, the list goes on… So I thought I would share a few tips that helps me through my time of the month when the dreaded day comes!

The worst thing about periods is the fearing of leaking, which unfortunately makes us girls dread leaving the house in case it ever happens to us. However it’s not something that we should be afraid of or should let control us, as the majority of us have had that embarrassing moment happen to us before. Here are some tips to ensure that you don’t leak:

  1. Ensure you go to the toilet on a regular basis, this helps to flush the blood out of your system yet is also a chance to see if you need to change or not.
  2. Ensure you continuously change throughout the day, there is nothing worse than a full pad and you are more prone to leaking if you don’t keep changing.
  3. If your period is really heavy and you feel cautious about leaking wear both a tampon and a pad or 2 pads to keep you extra protected.

The pads I use are either Always Ultra or Always Ultra Night depending on how heavy my period is.

A lot of us are never prepared for the time of the month to hit us, so when going to the toilet we have a sheer panic moment as we realise we have nothing on us at this particular time.Here are some tips to help us be prepared for our time of the month to suddenly hit us:

  1. Use a period tracking app to help track your periods and find out when you’re next due to come on. The app I use to do this is called P Tracker and it’s so useful in helping me to know when I’m next due a period.
  2. Always make sure you carry tampons or pads in your bag with you at all times, as there is nothing worse than have nothing on you and having to shove toilet paper down your pants (admit it girls, we have all done it).
  3. Always make sure you are stocked up on pads and tampons by keeping a spare box in your bathroom at home just in case you run out or your period comes when you are least expecting it to.

Period pains are definitely one of the worst things about periods, especially in my case. Without fail I always get the most painful period pains every single time I start my period which makes me just want to lie in my bed for the whole day. Whenever this happens I always have to have a relaxing bubble bath to help these stomach cramps. The other day I had the worst period pains so I decided to use The Comforter bubble bar from Lush to create a bubble bath, which was the perfect way to deal with my period pains. I would also recommend sleeping with a hot water bottle as I also find that helps to relieve period pains.


I hope this post helped and left you with some useful tips.

Thanks for reading!

Mia X



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