Highlights of the Month: July

Can you believe its August? This year has definitely flown over already! Here is a selection of my highlights throughout July!

On the 8th&9th of July I had my annual dance show with my dance school ADA! It was such an amazing weekend and all of the dancers and teachers worked so hard to pull the show together and in the end it looked fantastic, everyone should be so proud.

On the 12th to the 22nd of July I went to Fuengirola in Spain with my family. Fuengirola is such a beautiful place and it was the first time we had all been there. We stayed in our friends villa while we were, which had a balcony,rooftop area and a pool for all the other residents to share. It was so nice! We explored loads while we were,so we ended up going out every single day to somewhere new which I loved! I loved Fuengirola and I might end up going back there in the future, who knows! If you would like to see what I wore while we were away then check out these 2 blog posts:



Also on the 22nd of July my amazing boyfriend Ben surprised me at the airport due to this being the first time we had been away from each other for a long period of time, I had no idea he was coming and I was so shocked to see him standing there as we left the airport. He also decided to surprise me by taking my out for a meal on the night so we could spend sometime together and I could tell him all about my time away, how lucky am I!

On the 23rd of July I went to Seaton Carew with Ben and his cousin Tim. Of course we decided to go into the arcades as soon as we got there, my favourite game in the arcades is definitely Deal or No Deal in which we ended up playing around 10 times winning a mass amount of tickets every time. Ben decided to play the Plants vs Zombies game which resulted in him getting the highest score on the game winning us 532 tickets! In the end we managed to get 1595 tickets in which we mainly spent on chocolates and sweets and an Angry Bird bobble head for Tim. We then decided to go and get an ice-cream as we began to feel slightly peckish, I went for a 99, Tim went for Strawberry ice-cream in a cone and Ben for a Lemon Top in a tub, we ate these as we walked along the beach back to the car so we could head back home.


On the 26th of July (MY BIRTHDAY!!!) I went to Flamingo Land with Ben and his family for the day. If you know me I’m not the biggest fan of rollercoasters so although I was looking forward to going, I definitely wasn’t looking forward to Ben trying to drag me on all the rollercoasters (which of course happened on multiple occasions). As soon as we arrived Ben of course dragged me onto Velocity in which I definitely wasn’t looking forward to going on but I thought I would bite the bullet and go on it. I didn’t enjoy Velocity at all and I probably screamed the whole 17 seconds I was on the ride, however at least I can say I did it! Throughout the day I also ended up going on the Navigator, the bicycles and The Voodoo. We also visited the zoo and got the chance to see Giraffes, Zebras, Camels, Red Pandas and many more animals. It was such a lovely day and it definitely made my birthday special!

On the 29th July me and Ben decided to bake a cake. As Ben is a celiac we had to make a gluten free friendly cake for him (if you would like a blog post on this recipe then let me know in the comments section below) We decided to make a gluten free chocolate cake with butter cream icing in the middle and melted chocolate on the top which we decorated with white chocolate stars and chocolate buttons. Although we faced a few problems when decorating our cake as we didn’t leave it long enough to cool, it looked and tasted amazing in the end and we were both very proud of our creation!

Thanks for reading!

Mia X

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