Highlights of the Month:June

img_3383On the 2nd of June I went to the cinemas with Ben to see Bad Neighbours 2. Due to loving the first movie I was desperate to see the 2nd to see if it matched up to the standards of the first. I really enjoyed it especially due to Zac Efron being the main character (insert heart eye emoji) and there was many funny parts throughout. I’m not quite sure it compares to the first one however I still loved it despite that!img_3404img_3405img_3408On the 3rd of June I went to my friend Matthew’s for a barbeque. We consumed many burgers and sausages and I definitely gained 5 stone afterwards ahaha! On the night my Grandad took me and my sisters for a McDonald’s, I wasn’t feeling very hungry due to having so much food at the barbeque,so I went for 6 Chicken Nuggets, Medium Fries and a Strawberry Lemonade iced drink.

On the 6th of June I went to Seaton Carew beach with Ben as the weather was lush! We walked along the beach, went in the arcades and ended up spending way too much money just to win a milk tray (how typical)and had ice creams, I went for a 99 with a flake and monkeys blood and Ben went for a lemon top in a tub!

On the 9th of June I went holiday shopping to the metro with my mam, nana and sister Esther. We decided to have a mid shopping snack so went to TGI Friday’s. I ordered loaded BBQ pulled pork potato skins for my starter and chicken strips with sweet potato fries for my main. I was disappointed by the potato skins as they were quite dry with very little flavour,I definitely prefer Sambuca’s potato skins to these, however I really enjoyed my main meal and I especially loved the sweet potato fries that came alongside the chicken strips, they were delicious.


img_3899-1On the 18th of June I went to Ask Italian in Durham for my friend Maisie’s birthday. I love Ask Italian, its definitely one of my favourite Italian restaurants so I couldn’t wait! I decided to go for the Calzone Pollo, due to the fact I have never tried it before and I have always wanted to see how good it was. I can confirm that it was amazing and I will definitely be ordering this pizza more often! As it was Maisie’s birthday she brought a birthday cake so we had the chance to all sing happy birthday to her and have birthday cake for dessert of course!

On the 27th of June I went to the Waffley Good Company in Durham after college with my friends Charlotte, Becky, Vanessa and Jess (from left to right) for waffles. I decided to go for the Strawberro Waffle which consists of Strawberries, Oreo, Nutella, Strawberry Sauce, a choice of either ice-cream or cream (I went for ice cream) and almonds. It was definitely one of the best waffles I have ever had in my life and I enjoyed it that much I ate the whole thing! I’m sure I will be visiting the Waffley Good Company again soon to try more tasty waffles.

On the 3oth of June I went to a party with my friends from college! We pretty much danced the night away and laughed the whole time, it was so good to spend time together outside of college and have fun for the night!

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