Smokey Eye Tutorial


I love a Smokey Eye look, it’s so simple and easy to create yet it looks as though you have put more effort in than you actually have. Here is how I created the perfect Smokey Eye.


To create this Smokey Eye look, I used the Maybelline The Nudes palette. This palette is great for creating many different Smokey eye looks and comes with a range of different brown colours, alongside a shimmery white and matte black. Due to this I believed it was the perfect palette to use.

Firstly, I applied the shimmery white colour (shown on the last finger) over the entire eye area, using a French Connection eye shadow brush.

Next, I applied the lightest brown colour (shown on the 3rd finger) onto the eyelid area and blended it using the same French Connection eye shadow brush.

Then, I applied the matte brown eye shadow (shown on the 2nd finger) onto the top area of the lid.

Finally, I added the darkest matte brown colour (shown on the first finger) into the crease to create a contour effect and I blended this using a fluffy brush from the Ovonni brush set. This helped to blend the colours together, as well as cancelling out any harsh lines that were created when applying the eye shadow.

To complete the Smokey Eye look I added some dramatic lashes which I mentioned about in my current favourites, however you could also always add a feline flick or a bold lip to complete this look.


Thanks for reading and feel free to let me know your thoughts!

Mia x


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